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The sextet’s commission deadline is this week, and there’s more than a little panting and wheezing at the finish line here. There was a small interruption due to this past weekend’s CBDNA Eastern Division conference, where SB rocked the house and then some with the WP of that “unplayable” piece RedLine (now actually “played” and so phffth on all the wimps who passed on premiering this ditty over the years). Despite the hours conferencing in Jersey, I hope to be finishing it up here in a few days. Should the Double-Bar-Gods see fit to smile benevolently upon me, of course.

Then there will be a couple days of copying, and finally she’ll get turned over to the Avian Music players, each one able to play whatever you put in front of them, of course, so I’m not even remotely worried about the performance. More sleep is lost on how well the piece itself flies, because it’s an odd mix, this one. Some slow funk, some odd meters, some folky grooves, some pop choruses, and a sprinkling of extended techniques on top. I think it just might be as quirky as that description sounds.

And it will sport what I’m hoping is a totally playable/idiomatic guitar part, all thanks to JB‘s indefatigable efforts.

Click those ruby reds and think final-bar thoughts…

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