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Monthly Archives: October 2008


Live Concert Webcast, Sunday afternoon at 4:00pm CST: As the scent of spring rain… with the University of Texas Wind Ensemble, under the direction of Jerry Junkin. Closing the program, the world premiere Steven Bryant‘s Ecstatic Waters.


Received an advanced copy of the 2008 JWECC double-CD from Brain Music, featuring Climbing Parnassus as the title track.

What’s in a name?


Well, CD cover-art, apparently. The Japan Wind Ensemble Conductors Conference has put up the track listing for their (live) CD from last March’s concerts in Kurashiki, with Climbing Parnassus as the title piece. Considering that last year’s CD featuring their 2007 JM commission sports a kingfisher on the cover (scroll down halfway), I humbly suggest [...]

Flowers might work


I’d write here more, but unfortunately I’ve been distracted with this disagreement I’ve been having with my 2nd movement. See, I think it would be nice for it to transition easily and beautifully from this gorgeous book into lovely musical architecture … and it seems to think it would be funny to grab me by [...]