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Monthly Archives: May 2009


Steven Bryant and the Ambroses’s (Robert and Sarah) are in town for The Metropolitan Atlanta Youth Wind Ensemble concert at Carnegie Hall tomorrow night, featuring MAYWE’s performance of Avenue X, and Steve’s gorgeous work, Dusk.

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Since the slowing down in notebook entry frequency has become more the rule than exception, one of the more interesting results is that some of you are simply giving up on reading anything new, and instead attempting to mine older postings for Newman Goodness. This is ultimately a good thing, I think, but I haven’t [...]

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I’ve been happily receiving very complimentary and ego-soothing feedback on the live Symphony No. 1 performance recording from Indiana University. Surprisingly, I’ve actually listened to it myself a few times. Usually I wouldn’t put myself through that, but in this case, the voice in my head (you know, the one that screams “This is awful. [...]


Pleased to announce a beautiful new recording of As the scent of spring rain…, performed by the University of New Mexico Wind Symphony, led by Eric Rombach-Kendall, on Summit Records.

Done Done Done


Sort of. There are some parts-issues I’ve yet to deal with: cleanup and re-pagination etc. But basically the big first Symphony is complete. After something like 4 years since I started making noise about it. That’s done as in first performance (the astounding Indiana University) in the can, first round of corrections made to the [...]


Information pages are now online for Symphony No. 1, My Hands Are a City, and its new first two movements, Across the groaning continent and The Americans, including score and audio.