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Monthly Archives: April 2006



Last night Avian Music premiered The Vinyl Six — it’s a subject done to death on these pages, and I promise that after this I’ll stop talking about this piece, and move on to other subjects … no really, I will. The show was a blast, with one bombastic piece after another. In addition to [...]


Tonight, the World Premiere of The Vinyl Six, at Tenri right here in Greenwich Village, with the downtown collective, Avian Music. Tomorrow night, a bit more unplugged, as Baylor performs the Texas premiere of As the scent of spring rain… with Dr. Barry Kraus.


A page for the new chamber work, The Vinyl Six, is now online, along with some Notebook postings about the piece. World Premiere by Avian Music, April 23, 2006.

We have piece.


Big day yesterday…after putting the finishing touches on the new sextet, parts and score were printed, bound, and delivered to the commissioner. The next order of business was to collapse in front of Opening Day, and I’m happy to say I performed that task quite well. So did The Mets. No longer sporting a working [...]