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Monthly Archives: September 2005

Until then


Again, frightfully negligent in my notebook upkeep. And even though the business of grant applications is stealing my writing time, I do have a decent entry in the works, so there’ll be some insights coming very soon. In the meantime, I share this with you—a big bag of Funny…


Notable upcoming performances of some works for winds: This Friday in Atlanta, Robert Ambrose and the GSU Symphonic Wind Ensemble presents the Southeastern U.S. Premiere of Avenue X … and coming up next month, the Stanislaus Wind Ensemble in CA performs The Rivers of Bowery, under the direction of Stuart Sims.

Ain’t tech grand


E-mail and digital audio and web browsing and internet-purchasing have all piled on top of the Music World. There they sit, occasionally seeping down into the body of the thing, but never quite fully-integrating. Granted, these currencies are, for the most part, now hard-wired into a musician’s music-making-thinking, but really only up to a point. [...]



Do not play this game. You will never stop, never do anything productive, and never achieve any of your life’s goals. This is the explanation I will give, at least, when queried as to why I am living in a dumpster in Tompkins Square, hunched over a wi-fi-connected laptop. I’m just glad I was able [...]

What’s new, Pussycat?


iTunes has been pumping out a lot of Bacharach lately. I tend to go through phases of gorging on the Maestro, and we’re deep into one right now. I’m not kidding around when I pronounce that Bacharach is one of the great 20th-century composers, and when I speak of BB, it is in the same [...]

In no particular order


Items to be excited about this year, courtesy of the annual Season Preview in the NYT: Tobias Picker’s Metropolitan Opera commission, An American Tragedy (yes, the Dreiser novel) Mark Adamo’s Lysistrata at City Opera John Adams’s Dr. Atomic at SF Opera (can’t go, obviously, but awareness makes me feel involved) Susan Marshall’s Cloudless, a new [...]



So I’ve started to receive phone calls asking if I’m OK. “OK,” meaning, “Are you perhaps under a bus on 2nd Avenue?” I suppose just because there has been a dearth of postings recently, you loyal reader(s) (and I know who you are) assume that I must be have fled to Canada. No such luck. [...]



Beside the obvious benefits of a no-doubt-fantastic performance with a top ensemble, Metropolitan‘s premiere this Fall with the Chicago Youth Symphony provided the necessity to tackle its long-overdue revisions over which I had been torturing myself for over a year. The reading session with the American Composers Orchestra last year, while ultimately fruitful and a [...]