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Monthly Archives: September 2007


The 2007-8 bio is finally online, downloadable for concert programs in long or short versions.

If Hemingway jumped off a bridge…


We live in an era where I (and one or two others) mourn the loss of the great Aztec Publishing on W.52nd Street, purveyors of the Best Manuscript Paper Ever (O you green 16-stave 17×11! I should have stocked up!), so if you are wonky like me you now have to order your manuscript paper [...]


This Sunday, two As the scent of spring rain… performances, which might actually be near-simultaneous due to time difference: H. Robert Reynolds conducts the USC Thornton Wind Ensemble in L.A., and Kevin Sedatole conducts the Michigan State University Wind Symphony in E.Lansing.

Long Title, Long Tail


If you take a gander at the upcoming performance calendar, you’ll see that one particular piece is the unqualified star this year. That would be the one with the long title, and there’s no use pretending that its spike in performance life is due to anything other than Maestro Clary‘s gorgeous (and high-profile) performance with [...]

Home Sweet Beat


A good piece in today’s paper (I’m pretty sure it does not require the TimesSelect subscription) about the glory days and subsequent gentrification of my East Village neighborhood, brings up everything I’ve been thinking about and working on for the last few months. The multimedia attached to the article includes a fascinating mp3 walking tour [...]

In the can


Some fun but blurry pics of yesterday’s The Vinyl Six recording session are online. I like the piece very much, and we got a bunch of really terrific takes. It’s pretty thrilling to hear the fantastic chamber players of Avian Music play the piece as if they’ve been living with and performing it for years [...]

not writing, riding


Tomorrow I’ll be twittering from 6am-5pm from the NYC Century Bike Tour, where I’ll be huffing and puffing my way around the entire city for the 2nd consecutive year, on my sturdy, hip, yet quite pokey Jack. Sure all the other riders will be blowing past me on their $2000 composite road bikes, but at [...]