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Monthly Archives: January 2005



I often enjoy a few rituals after I complete a piece … all mostly due to necessity. Now that THE RIVERS OF BOWERY is safely in rehearsals, I’ve started slowly ticking off these usual post-piece-completion activities: Sleep for two days—The inivitable copying crisis and unhealthy run of all-nighters takes it’s toll on this 30-something, and [...]

news 1/29/05


I’m pleased to report that THE RIVERS OF BOWERY, my new concert opener for wind ensemble, is finally finished and in rehearsals. Bill Berz and The Rutgers Wind Ensemble will premiere this 3-minutes of glittery shiny goodness at the CBDNA National Convention in New York on Feb. 24. I’ve uploaded the (current, uncorrected) score for [...]


Frantically completing work on the Rutgers concert-opener commission, now officially titled THE RIVERS OF BOWERY, for the CBDNA Convention next month. This after nearly losing all drafts and sketches for the work due to a recent theft. All is well now, though, as karmic order has been restored to the Lower East Side…

EOS, Adios


Hidden amidst the press release trash thrown out during the holiday season (exactly because no one was paying attention) lay the spicy stunner that the EOS Orchestra, chamber orchestra to The Stars, folded. Wow. I tell you, I did not see that coming. And I guess no one else did either, because the community seems [...]

New Year’s Tale


This week I had to write a program note for The Rivers of Bowery, the short concert opener I’m writing for Bill Berz and the Rutgers Wind Ensemble, which will be premiered next month at the CBDNA National Convention in New York. I’m pleased with how it turned out, and it contains a story I’ve [...]


Rehearsing the two Aphex Twin arrangements I wrote for the fantastic chamber orchestra, Alarm Will Sound, here at Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA, where AWS is in residence. Set up with a mattress in the crowded but happy AWS “Farmhouse”, and rehearsals are sounding great. This project is a blast, and the CD (recording sessions [...]