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Monthly Archives: September 2008

(Yes, I still use one)


The other day while preparing to write out a fair copy of something from The Opera I found myself sans pencil and so randomly selected (ie. stole) the first one I saw from Better Half‘s bucket of writing instruments on her desk. Soon after: Oh man, this pencil is fanTAStic … it’s so smooth and [...]


The first performance of the year arrives this Friday night, close to home in Jersey, with co-commissioner Ridgewood Concert Band performing their premiere of My Hands Are a City, under the direction of Christian Wilhjelm.



I have been waiting on writing something about David Foster Wallace, who basically broke my heart when he took his own life last week. It’s not only that I don’t know what I can add to our processing of the tragedy (I don’t), but also that I’ve actually been hoping someone could articulate the loss [...]

No Horn Helmets


My summer project (besides daily playground-sprinkler-time with The Toddler) was to make the hypothetical Opera into something a little less hypothetical. For well over a year now my (brilliant) writing partner and I have consulted lawyers, brainstormed structures, and generally schemed our takeover of The Opera House. Then, while Gary wrote up a rough draft [...]