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Monthly Archives: January 2006

I report, you decide


Enjoy this rant by an old old friend — delicious in its vitriol, yet way out of the park in comparison with my own strong feelings on matters of intellectual copyright. I couldn’t disagree more with the thesis of the essay … but its barbed points (penned by Chicago-based writer Noah Berlatsky) are coherent and [...]


Commission Announcement: A new sextet for the NYC-chamber group Avian Music, under the direction of Peter Flint, to be premiered this April 23, on a program celebrating rock & pop.

Top Hat & Cane


Best. DVD. Ever. It arrived last week. I started seeing the ads in the magazine itself a few months before the holidays—wide-eyed and curious, but generally dismissive … an 8-DVD-ROM set of the entire archive of New Yorker magazines, from the first issue in 1925, to early last year. Every page, every ad, every cover, [...]

Book Tour


One of the highlights of visiting Portland (besides the company), was the precious two hours spent browsing at Powells, bookstore to the Gods. While perusing the stacks, jaw firmly scraping the floor, I felt as close to an archeologist as I ever have, unearthing relics from the shelves and briefly holding them in my nervous [...]

Back in town


Taking a long holiday trip interrupts notebook posts, it would seem. And if we include the interruption of my travels to Chicago for the Midwest Clinic, and the ubiquitous family visits, it’s turned into an almost month-long hiatus. So unsurprisingly, some notebook items have fallen through the cracks: • I finally uploaded a smokin’ new [...]

news 1/12/06


New addition to the site: a brilliant new Avenue X live recording, courtesy of Robert Ambrose and the Georgia State University Symphonic Wind Ensemble. And leftover from last month’s year-end roundups, The New York Times named Acoustica one of the “most notable CD’s” of 2005.