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Monthly Archives: June 2005

EOS explained


In an article in the newly-spiffy/redesigned newmusicbox webzine, Jonathan Sheffer fleshes out a blow-by-blow explanation (of sorts) of EOS Orchestra’s demise (mentioned earlier in these notebook pages). Some of the details of the chamber orchestra’s shutdown seem purposefully hazy, but I suppose we can’t exactly expect an intimate narrative. I’m particularly eager to hear the [...]



I could be behind the curve (I was away and purposefully out of touch for a few days), but I just heard on the radio that David Diamond passed away. Mr. Diamond was always very supportive of my music (which consistently surprised me!) and was always kind to me personally. To be honest, I always [...]


Performance tonight of the chamber sextet OK Feel Good in Oregon at Portland State Univ. with Bonnie Miksch and the PSU New Music Ensemble—they are sure to have a blast with it. Another exciting bit of upcoming performance news is coming soon, as soon as things are confirmed!