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Monthly Archives: December 2004

Canadian Wisdom


For me, the highlight of last week’s annual junket to Chicago was a beautiful dinner with The Boys (can’t go anywhere without them in Chi-town, and that’s kind of the whole idea), esteemed composer Mark Camphouse (many thanks for the kind words, Mark!), the great Gary Green of the University of Miami, and beloved composer [...]


Another Midwest Clinic come and gone, this one topped off by a beautiful performance of Moon by Night with chorus and small ensemble by Dr. Charlie Menghini and the tireless VanderCook Symphonic Band. Other highlights of the week included getting a chance to meet some of the Avenue X commissioners, the splashy release of BCM [...]


Announcing a bit of publishing restructuring: The performance material for OK Feel Good for wind orchestra will be converted from sales to rental. The score will still be available from your favorite music reseller, but the parts will be for hire. I look forward to a smooth transititon!

Sweet 88


Ladies and Gentlemen, we have Piano. I repeat, we have Piano. Years of desiring, months of calculating, weeks of planning, days of shopping, hours of tearing down a 10×12 studio space, and then . . . Delivery. After my wife, and perhaps the Grand Canyon, it is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve [...]

NBA article


Not the NBA that plays with bouncing balls and practices fisticuffs with their fans, the other one. Finally got around to uploading this article I wrote for the National Band Association‘s member journal last spring. You’ll find it on the essays & articles page. I was reminded of it when someone mentioned to me today [...]

El Dorado


A Composer Discovers the World of Winds Written for the National Band Association Journal, published Dec. 2004 El Do • ra • don : an imaginary place of great wealth and opportunity; sought in South America by 16th-century explorers(Source: WordNet ® 1.6, © 1997 Princeton University) Today’s composer, like Cortez and the Spaniards of hundreds [...]

MoMA 2: "The Reckoning"


Everyone said it was great, and Everyone is, um, sometimes wrong, but in this case They weren’t and Holy Mackerel the world has once again aligned itself in unity and harmony as Everyone, including me this time which happens all too rarely, agrees: the return of The Modern to 53rd St. is pretty frickin’ fantastic. [...]


This month’s issue of the webzine NewMusicBox came out today and it is all about writing for winds. The lead article features the BCM composers in a video interview conducted by ‘Box editor Frank Oteri. The whole issue is great, with an article by B&H Prez Jenny Bilfield, and a Brian Wise piece spotlighting our [...]