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Monthly Archives: March 2010



Composer Alex Shapiro is a class act. Grab a drink, take a deep breath, and read to the bottom.

Comics and Copyright


My guest blogger post is up at The Comics Journal group blog, The Hooded Utilitarian. The entry is part of a roundtable discussion on issues surrounding copyright and free culture. The centerpiece of the week was an interview with animator, filmmaker, and free culture activist Nina Paley. I refer to Paley’s work and the interview [...]

news 3/12/10


In 2008, the Japan Wind Ensemble Conductors Conference commissioned and premiered Climbing Parnassus in Kurashiki. I’ll be returning to Japan next year for a new JWECC commission for a work for chorus and ensemble.

Steal this notebook


This week I’ll be a guest blogger on The Hooded Utilitarian, a blog on The Comics Journal written by old family friend and comics/culture critic Noah Berlatsky. The topic this week is free-culture, and even though Noah is calling this a “roundtable”, I’m seeing the table as virtually square, with me set up to sit [...]