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We have piece.

Big day yesterday…after putting the finishing touches on the new sextet, parts and score were printed, bound, and delivered to the commissioner. The next order of business was to collapse in front of Opening Day, and I’m happy to say I performed that task quite well. So did The Mets.

No longer sporting a working title, The Vinyl Six is a bit of an experiment. On the surface it’s a mixed-chamber piece at 10 minutes even. So far so normal. The instrumentation is a bit funky, though … flute, tenor/sopr. sax, electric guitar, piano, violin, and cello. Sort of a Pierrot ensemble gone Bad. Instead of clarinet: sax. Instead of mallet percussion: guitar. Kind of like if Clarence Clemens and Slash jumped onstage at Chamber Music Society.

Musically, some, um, interesting things were written in. I won’t spoil the surprise, but let’s just say some demons get exorcised. Again, I’m quite curious about how this will all work…

The piece wouldn’t have happened without Brother JB‘s phone-call-away guitar knowledge, and I’m indebted. I think every single chord in this sucker was at some point e-mailed to him for voicing strategy. Not all parts received this kind of vetting, unfortunately, but it was definitely worth it. For me at least, I can’t speak for Jim…

Speaking of the helping hands of Community, after hearing a MIDI-mockup (which will never ever see the light of day, and should probably be burned) JM‘s $0.02 got into the thing as well. The thought was that I was perhaps a little too subtle linking two musically-related sections, and some more audible flags needed to be planted. After a few flailing 11th hour attempts at this, one fix/addition really took my fancy, and it stayed in. It Takes A Village…

Rehearsals in a couple weeks, premiere to follow. Until then, for the curious and computer-saavy, the current, uncorrected score.

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