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Monthly Archives: April 2007

One down


Last week the Concertino finally shipped out to the commissioners: all three movements, parts & score, complete with actual, honest-to-goodness solo cadenza at the end of the 3rd movement. I’ve posted the score for perusal fun, along with some other goodies. The Concertino stats: 15 minutes104 page score139 parts pagesSoloist 1st mvt – flute and [...]


New pages are online for the freshly-completed Concertino, as well as the new miniature Dohyci. There is also now streaming audio for the in-progress song cycle, Found Postcards.


Last night The New York Miniaturist Ensemble premiered Dohyci, a new miniature I wrote for them for violin and bass clarinet. The NYME is dedicated to performing works composed of a 100 notes or fewer. Doyci premiered at Makor on W.67th Street, along with 2000 other notes.

Depends on How You Count It


A couple of weeks ago I posted a preview of violin/bass clarinet miniature. Tonight, Dohyci premieres, with The New York Miniaturist Ensemble at the helm. The story of this miniature is more than a little wonky. The mission of the ensemble (“The New York Miniaturist Ensemble is dedicated to performing music written with purity of [...]

What am I doing now?


Find out. An un-characteristic toe-dip into Web 2.0 for me, but I’ll certainly take a stab at most things seemingly intriguing. Until they annoy me. Which this might. Until then, take a glimpse into the glamor.



Taking stock in the Week of Winds that was CBDNA National in A-squared. Of course, the reason I was there was last Saturday night’s triumphant closing concert of Maestro Clary‘s Florida State University Wind Orchestra performing the most intelligent and gorgeous rendering of As the scent of spring rain… a composer could possibly ever want [...]


At last night’s triumphant closing concert of the wonderfully successful 2007 CBDNA National Conference at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, The Florida State University Wind Orchestra, under the direction of Richard Clary,performed a simply marvelous As the scent of spring rain… — informed and sensitively beautiful. Stunning.