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Monthly Archives: June 2009


NEW: a live recording of the world premiere of Tree for string orchestra, by the Toledo Youth Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Kenneth Thompson.

East River vs. Thames


Now that it’s almost July, UGA’s new CD including the world premiere recording of My Hands Are a City (also the third movement of Symphony No. 1) is finally available. Naxos does an enjoyable podcast about their new releases which I listen to whenever I can; their latest is an interview with conductor John Lynch [...]

March me


Yesterday I signed a marching band arrangement license. This wouldn’t be a big deal, except that it’s my very first one. Ever. Until now, no one has yet asked if any of my 13 (depending on how you count it) wind ensemble pieces (the most common fodder for such things as I understand it) could [...]


Here’s a link to a Naxos podcast interviewing conductor John Lynch about his new CD, including My Hands Are a City and works by Gorb, Kuster, Mackey, and Putz.

Carnegie Grind


Last night’s MAYWE concert at Carnegie was a super fun ride, and my sincere thanks to Robert Ambrose and Laura Moates Stanley and the whole ensemble, who shouted Avenue X to the heavens at the Isaac Stern Auditorium. Maestro Ambrose also programmed the gorgeous Dusk, which made the evening into a rare opportunity to hang [...]