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Monthly Archives: December 2009

news 12/1/09


Paperback study scores of Symphony No. 1, My Hands Are a City, available for print-on-demand.



When I was in Austin a few weeks ago for a short residency at Southwestern University, I perused the office shelves of my my host and old school chum, composer Jason Hoogerhyde. Upon finding the beautifully bound vocal score to his new opera The Color of Dissonance, I gasped at the lovely paper, color cover, [...]

news 12/8/09


Today we launched the Jonathan Newman e-newsletter; a probably-quarterly update on news, performances, and recordings. Join the mailing list, or view the current issue here.

What you do


In the in-between space between finishing a piece and the premiere, you write a program note. And then you take a deep breath while hoping that it’s even remotely close to fitting the piece. Because you actually haven’t heard it yet.

news 12/3/09


New work: De Profundis, for massed winds. Premiering with the 2010 Central Oklahoma Directors Association Symphonic Band in early January.

Swami Faxon


The Economist recently interviewed Roger Faxon, head of EMI Music Publishing, for their audio podcast (sure, I subscribe, what of it?); while listening I found myself bobbing my ear-budded head up and down in vigorous agreement on the subway, causing my personal space in the train car to generously expand. Except for a brief but [...]

But enough about me


…let’s talk about my Online Presence. If my name is the commodity I’m promoting (which it kind of is), then I have placed that name on a baffling array of shelving around the internets: * My website* This notebook* BCM International website* BCM Forum* Facebook* Twitter* Classical Lounge* The AMC Online Library (formerly NewMusicJukebox)* Wind [...]