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Monthly Archives: March 2007

La Chunk


This morning I leave for a junket in L.A., to attend rehearsals at USC’s Thornton School of Music for H. Robert Reynolds’s Chunk performance, the concept of which I would suggest Tears the Roof Off the Sucker in just about every way you can think. It’s sure to be a fantastic week, where I get [...]


In LA this week to attend rehearsals for the USC Thornton Wind Ensemble’s Chunk performance this Sunday, under the direction of the great H. Robert Reynolds. Likely to be the Chunk to define all other Chunks…

Bleep Bloop Radio


A shameless plug for my friends at the American Music Center, who have launched their own streaming internet radio station, called Counterstream Radio. I am digging it, myself. This morning alone I’ve listened to some Zhou Long, David Lang, and Morton Feldman – all composers I like very much and seek out performances to get [...]

Break the slump


Since I’ve been banging my head against the 3rd movement of the Concertino for quite some time now (Blocks are not fun, people. Not. Fun.) I’ve been getting a lot of advice on how to proceed. One of the better ones was to relax, step back from the stress of the long-gone deadline, and write [...]


An exciting and notable As the scent of spring rain… performance today, at the 2007 ABA Convention, San Luis Obispo, CA, with the California Polytechnic State University Wind Ensemble under the guest baton of ABA inductee Bob Parsons.

Me composer, write good


There’s a new Composer Blog on the NYTimes site, called The Score. Fascinating. It’s a little too autobiographical at this point for my taste, but one hopes it will gear up into some interesting postings. It’s part of their Times Select online subscription thing (like their editorials and much of their multimedia content), which means [...]

Gliss me


This weekend’s American Modern Ensemble program “Musical Mavericks” was a festival of composer-performers … featuring an impressive roster of Downtown Usual Suspects, like Todd Reynolds, Robert Dick, Pamela Z, and Micro-tonal Master John Eaton. It is awfully fun to see these guys do Their Thing in person, but my personal takeaways for the evening were: [...]

India 2007


Newman in India, for viewing at your leisure, and at your own pace…