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Monthly Archives: December 2005

Chicago Roundup


In a brilliant nod to our collective future of webcasting, The Midwest Clinic has a video of last Tuesday’s CYSO Metropolitan performance up on their site. It took like a day or something crazy fast like that. Watch it, if only to see how Maestro Allen Tinkham leads 100-some musicians to do 2/4 – 3/8 [...]


A terrific junket to Chicago last week for a frantically-busy Midwest Clinic. For a taste of the events, watch the online video of the CYSO’s second performance of Metropolitan last Tuesday.



A week in Chicago equals a couple of days off … what with my running around like a wind-up-toy all the week, too overwrought and frantic to post during the week. I know I know, this defeats the purpose of blogging … (at least I understand the spirit of thing, if not always executing it [...]

Cup runneth over


A pile of terrific recordings coming in the mail these days … the latest courtesy of the good people at the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra: it’s the Metropolitan premiere performance, with the CYSO under the direction of Allen Tinkham, in Orchestra Hall last month. This is an absolutely fantastic performance, and you, gentle notebook readers, [...]


Now online, an absolutely fantastic recording of the Metropolitan premiere performance, with the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Allen Tinkham, in Orchestra Hall last month. Next Tuesday evening they perform the piece again, at the Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic, on a chock-full program of Sibelius, Massenet, Rimsky-Korsakov, and Smetana.



I heard a terrific new recording of Georgia State University’s recent performance of AVENUE X, with Robert Ambrose’s Symphonic Wind Ensemble. Man, this piece is coming along. The more I hear it, the more it’s starting to come to life for me. This performance specifically is a new high—it simply smokes. The ensemble plays with [...]