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Monthly Archives: June 2006



One can’t write songs 16 hours a day. Well maybe you can, but I’ve never been the type to to tackle compositional duties with gusto. In fact, I’ll find almost anything else to keep me occupied in order to prevent me from facing my ugly, ugly demons. If you ever find yourself similarly in need [...]

I like your song


I wrote a song last week. Not a piece (work / movement / composition / whatever), but an honest-to-goodness song. No twenty-five staves to orchestrate, no long form to negotiate, no overarching harmonic language, no sequencing software, and no transpositions. Just me and some manuscript paper, singin’ at the piano. You know. Like Billy Joel. [...]


We’ve restructured the general publication of many of my works. Please visit the sales page to securely purchase scores and some performance sets, and the hire library for parts rental. Scores for many of my works now may also be purchased from Shattinger Music. 1861 and Moon by Night should be available through your favorite [...]

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My shuffling around of dusty scores continues, and in the process, I’ve been reflecting whatever changes that have come about on my page in the American Music Center’s NewMusicJukebox site. A few years ago I was a beta-tester for this online database (The good offices of the AMC requested sound and score files of some [...]

Aired Out


Recent activities in the past few weeks have centered around a kind of virtual inventory: the re-organizing of the Newman Catalog for promotional projects and such. And so in the midst of this housecleaning I’ve found myself coming face to face with several older works I’ve long avoided dealing with, each one teetering between full-blown [...]