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Monthly Archives: February 2005


This week sees the premiere of THE RIVERS OF BOWERY, with the excellent Rutgers Wind Ensemble, under the direction of Bill Berz, at the 2005 National CBDNA Conference here in New York. The performance is Thursday afternoon, at the Skirball Center at NYU. It’s a bright and shiny overture/concert-opener, with gongs and bells and other [...]

Something in the air


I venture out into the ‘hood, foraging for life-nourishing coffee* and a Sunday morning nosh before I begin work for the day, and my fellow Lower East Side Citizens are, for some reason, a very happy bunch. A sunny walk through the Alphabet sees embracing couples, smiling neighbors, playing dogs, and I haven’t even gotten [...]

Naked City Justice


Received some news today from my next-door-neighbor, who happens to be the brother-in-law of the alleged “New Year’s Manuscript Thief” (pretty tasteless, I know, but an appropriate name). Turns out his wife’s wayward little brother, caught red-handed at a few other petty and not-so-petty thefts (a police scanner?! really?), including another one in the building [...]



Writing, copying … sure. But also reading way too many online news magazines, fun blogs by friends who are way too smart for their own good, and yes, sometimes I delve deep into the absolute inanity of human underachievement that is often referred to as The Internet. I tell myself that my distractions make me [...]

Next up


The nearly-apocryphal, much-discussed, AVENUE X has my full and undivided attention now (well, save two massive copying gigs from which I attempt to chip away tiny bits daily), and it’s all about finishing the short score. After thinking about this piece for as long as I have (I pitched it to the commissioners over a [...]