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Bleep Bloop Radio

A shameless plug for my friends at the American Music Center, who have launched their own streaming internet radio station, called Counterstream Radio. I am digging it, myself. This morning alone I’ve listened to some Zhou Long, David Lang, and Morton Feldman – all composers I like very much and seek out performances to get to – and there they were, conveniently pushed right at me. Excellent pieces, too. I even heard a Whitacre choral broadcast the other day. It’s good, eclectic stuff, with an impressively workable interface. One can play the stream via iTunes as well, but you unfortunately don’t get the text data streamed that way, and that’s the whole fun, of course. (Wait, who is this now? Oh, Jacob Druckman, sure!) It’s also got little “Buy” buttons in case you want to purchase. Which after I heard the Lang movement, I did.

“Sucker” doesn’t even come close.

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