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Today’s Internets

There’s only so many hours one can juxtapose 1920′s French chamber music with bluesy grooves, so I’ve often headed to my overflowing Google Reader page, which constantly overfloweth with friend’s blogs, RSS feeds, and aggregated information both worthy and useless. Today I recommend 3 distractions:

1) An excellent NewMusicBox piece on metal and minimalism. Clicking through some subsequent links yields a Myspace page for the band Essentialist, where the Guitar Trio is worth a listen. Thaaat’s right … I just linked to a Myspace page.

2) The Wild Koba is spot-on about Prince’s cover of Cheryl Crow’s Everyday is a Winding Road. Steaming Hot Funk, that is… on the 1999 Arista CD. Koba is only suspect about, you know, the file-sharing thing going on in that post. (That’s an online-finger-wag, Dave.)

3) Google’s Image Labeler. It’s a game … or maybe it’s a brilliant method for taming their ginormous database. But mostly it’s cooperative, fun, and helpful to our new Internet Overlords while they Don’t Be Evil.

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