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Sweet 88

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have Piano. I repeat, we have Piano. Years of desiring, months of calculating, weeks of planning, days of shopping, hours of tearing down a 10×12 studio space, and then . . . Delivery.

After my wife, and perhaps the Grand Canyon, it is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve just finished playing through some Brahms Intermezzi I haven’t looked at in 10 years, and I’m wondering why I didn’t do this sooner…

And I don’t care that the tuner was a no-show and now I have to wait another week listening to my new piano do a Nancarrow impression. I can pretend I’m playing Sonatas and Interludes, only without all those messy bolts and erasers…

Those wiley Japanese. Now THOSE guys know how to make a piano.

And the Chinese? Well they know how to get a 500lb studio upright up a narrow spiral staircase. I score it a tie.

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