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Since the slowing down in notebook entry frequency has become more the rule than exception, one of the more interesting results is that some of you are simply giving up on reading anything new, and instead attempting to mine older postings for Newman Goodness. This is ultimately a good thing, I think, but I haven’t exactly made it easy for you. There are a good five years of archives, listed only by date. This turns out to be less than useful, which some of you pointed out (nicely). After receiving some e-mails in quick succession, all asking where in the world one can find the entry on this or on that, today I added search function, courtesy of Mr. Google, who as long as he’s taking over everything that actually matters, might as well take over, too.

It’s not ideally placed in the layout, but it’ll do in a pinch. The whole notebook is by now, years after creation, a little outmoded and probably in need of a refresh. Blogger ca. 2004 was not the highest-end of techy advancement, and now the whole thing could use a makeover, both in engine and working parts, and in (now that there are functions like search and drop-down menus and such which weren’t in the original layout plan) design.

But the search field should work, which is the important part. Try it out with your favorite keywords, like “cheeky” or “Star Trek” or “Mackey” or something like that. Maybe I’ve written something brilliant about it.

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  1. Trevor (Teo)

    You and Eric posted a blog entry at the exact same time…was kind of weird.

    Posted on 26-May-09 at 11:57 PM | Permalink
  2. Rob Paterson

    OK, now I'm feeling so guilty for wasting your time, asking about an older post. :-) I did end up quoting you, BTW. But at least you now have a search function, which is cool.

    Posted on 11-Jun-09 at 8:35 AM | Permalink

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