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Not that you were curious, but the evidence of my latest Fun Spare-time Project might be staring you in the face (if you happened to be in the right place, that is). A new & improved site design is live and online, and I must say, and despite the volumes of bugs I’m sure are about to be reported, it’s a major improvement.

Sure the colors are different and the boxes are a little bigger (we have bigger monitors now), but the real Big Deal is the migration of all content into a MYSQL database, all driven by my amateur (and ugly) PHP scripting. Oh, it’s slick … if you’re geeky enough.

Do I want to upload a new work? I just input the new piece in the database, and POP, it simply shows up, everywhere it needs to be. Or how about that New Works page? It’s a no-toucher now … it just puts up the most recent 3 works written. Clicking on a genre? It’ll take you to the latest piece in that category. Need to sort the works catalog by any criteria you can think of? Want to see what pieces are on a certain CD, and what CDs a certain piece is on? POP. All done with PHP magic. I can go on. I’ll spare you.

Sure, all those old links to the individual piece pages are broken. Sure there are a few crazy Safari javascript bugs I have no idea what to do about. TOTALLY worth it. If my garage-puttering hobby-happiness can be bought with some inscrutable IF/ELSE coding, then I make no apologies. Enjoy looking around.

And e-mail me with your bug reports.

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  1. Newman

    Now the slick MYSQL goodness informs you if there’s an upcoming and/or recent performance for each piece you look at. How cool is THAT.

    Posted on 11-Jun-08 at 12:12 PM | Permalink
  2. El_Scotto29

    I was wondering what wind ensemble composers do in the summer…

    Posted on 30-Jun-08 at 1:10 AM | Permalink

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