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Radio killed the …

While in Chicago for the CYSO premiere of Metropolitan I talked with Lisa Flynn at Chi-town’s classical station WFMT 98.7. I seem to remember going on for like 45 minutes, all of which Lisa creatively edited down to about 3. The segment aired the morning of Dec. 31 — since it was over the holidays there was no real heads-up, so I’ve only just heard it myself. Not exactly spellbinding stuff on my part, but it was my first radio “interview” so in the spirit of sharing with the small part of the world who may not have been up and listening to their radios at 9:30am on New Year’s Eve Day in the Greater Metro Chicago Area, I’ve posted a streaming copy. The bit with me was followed by a broadcast of the Orchestra Hall performance, which I’ve taken the liberty of lopping off, as it’s already online.

The most exciting thing about the whole WFMT shebang was that while I was there, the awesome Studs Terkel was in the studio next door—I could see him waxing philosophical through the window…

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