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An opening night treat last night—thanks to Better Half’s latest expressions of design genius. The event was a new, very funny play by that guy who always seems to pop up at the end of The News Hour. The show features a fun star, but actually shows off an ensemble of startling talent—it’s just a pleasure to watch them do their thing. As the playwright is an essayist and Man of Letters, it seemed like all the glittering literati of NYC turned out to cheer on their friend. So in addition to the instantly-recognizable Hollywood celebrities like him and her, there were many other familiar faces, mostly from the back of dust-jackets. But short of name-tags or an identifying subtitle on Charlie Rose, we’ll never really be sure who many of them were. We did give it a good go at the after-party, however, confidently, him and his wife, him, and (most excitedly for me) him. What can I say, I like food. He writes really well about food.

Oh, and sing out people: I say Chicago in 5 games…

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