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Nippon Newman

It’s probably not surprising to hear that I had a terrific time in Japan (Japan = Awesome. I took some 400 photos to prove it), and that everyone involved with the 2008 Japan Wind Ensemble Conductor’s Conference in Kurashiki are terrific people with scary talent. NAKATA-san (tenor saxophonist with the Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra) is a monster at every single thing he does (perform, arrange, conduct, organize), and I am eager to once again thank him and all the super pros at Tokyo Kosei, his ensemble the Nagoya Wind Symphony, IWATA-san and “The Heartful Winds”, and YO-san and his stunningly amazing chamber group Wind Ensemble KANADE for making our commission project happen. I do not overstate when I say the whole thing was a huge success. I’m really really pleased with the piece, as it came off quite well, and the JWECC Festival Wind Ensemble’s playing made me look very good indeed. I’ll be posting the audio and info for their commissioned work, Climbing Parnassus, in short order. Mostly because you kind of have to hear it to believe it.

While I was gone, in the venerable Town Hall, the NY Premiere of my Concertino happened, with the Boston University Chamber Orchestra, conducted by (beloved former composition professor) Richard Cornell, with flutist Elsbieta Brandys, as part of my alma mater’s InCite Festival. My family attended in my absence. They said it was great. I believe them. Still. Not being there suuuuuuucked.

Upon return I immediately turned around to get back down to Texas, for a residency at Texas State University-San Marcos. There I ate Whataburger, drank Shiner Bock, taught some lessons, worked with the terrific ensembles, and enjoyed performances of my stuff, including Avenue X (led by Caroline Beatty), Moon by Night, and a premiere performance of My Hands Are a City conducted by co-commissioner Rod Schueller. My sincere thanks to TSU for their tireless work and a great time!

And then we come to The End. The End meaning unemployed, with nothing to do but enjoy doing nothing. This week. This is it. The last gig. Basta. No more. And so this evening I leave for a residency at Arizona State University, where Gary Hill conducts his ensembles in performances of As the scent of spring rain…, Avenue X, and the Concertino, featuring soloist Elizabeth Buck. GH sent me a rehearsal recording of the Concertino this weekend. I teared up a little while listening to the third movement. Seriously. And the pianist wasn’t even at that rehearsal. O this is gonna be good

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  1. Cathy

    Sorry I missed you as you were at my alma mater. I spent WAY too many hours awake and at work last week…. Congrats on the recent concerts!

    Posted on 30-Mar-08 at 4:41 PM | Permalink
  2. El_Scotto29

    Are you ever going to post a recording of the Concertina? You should.

    Posted on 04-Apr-08 at 12:38 PM | Permalink

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