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NewmFest 07

No joke, I actually don’t know how many Newman pieces will be performed at the Newman-o-rama during my residency at Tarleton State University in Stephenville Texas this week. The Tarleton Wind Ensemble, a featured ensemble in several of the world premiere recordings on the BCM Men of Industry CD, and their fearless leader Jonathan Hooper has promised more Newman than any 7 ensembles would take on. I’m pretty sure we’ll be hearing As the scent of spring rain…, The Rivers of Bowery, Uncle Sid, and Avenue X — I’m also pretty sure that a local high school ensemble will be playing 1861, and that a Tarleton saxophone quartet will be attacking Lullaby for Munch in Hell and a percussionist intoning Practicing Joy. But I think Moon by Night might also be in the mix, and possibly even the premiere of the first movement of the new flute & chamber wind Concertino (Tarleton is a co-commissioner). There’s even a chance of hearing sacred works Verses from Solomon, and Prelude on Schmücke Dich. I know they have the music for those, but who knows … I’m imagining musicians catching the fever and riotously performing any Newman they can get their hands on while the spirit of NewmFest 07 is in the air…

Then it’s off on a road trip with Hooper to San Antonio for TMEA, where I am a simple auditor, taking in the glory for the first time. The plan is to simply enjoy the spectacular Texas ensembles, most of them playing JM’s newest works (MackeyFest? It’s only a matter of time). So Texans beware. I’m there the whole week.

And yes, India photos exist. Patience is still required, I’m afraid … there’s just so many of them (1480), and they needed to be whittled down to a manageable 300 (or so) with each one commented on for your entertainment, and this takes time. Time which is usually spent fighting with my Concertino’s third movement, which will only get that fleeting mention. Because as we all know, if you’re not winning the war, try not to report on it.

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