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If Hemingway jumped off a bridge…

We live in an era where I (and one or two others) mourn the loss of the great Aztec Publishing on W.52nd Street, purveyors of the Best Manuscript Paper Ever (O you green 16-stave 17×11! I should have stocked up!), so if you are wonky like me you now have to order your manuscript paper from Los Angeles. But if you are anybody else (read, sane) you simply make your own paper (that is, if you even still use manuscript paper), custom to whatever your needs are, with a printer and any half-decent copying software. Although, I maintain it is not the same thing. Nope.

But if you do enjoy the Old School of pre-staved heavy-weighted manuscript-paper luvin’, you’ll dig my new crush, the Moleskin Pocket Music Notebook. This little beaut is compact, organized, and sexy. I’ve been putting my sketches in it since they arrived, and I love this thing. I bought two. For someone who is constantly riffling through countless loose pages of manuscript paper looking for that one snippet I thought I got down — I know it’s here somewhere — is it on this page? The back of this one? … this sucker is awesome. Now I just flip through the little book.

Plus, with the Moleskin label, I can pretend I’m artsy and wear a beret without irony.

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  1. jim

    The thing I miss most about Aztec was that they held the last handful of Electronic Scorer pencils on Earth…

    (for those that don’t know, Electronic Scorers were the greatest pencil ever created in the history of the Universe)

    Posted on 19-Sep-07 at 10:53 AM | Permalink
  2. Mindy

    My friend plays piano and I want to get him some old fashioned looking manuscript paper for his bday, any ideas on where I can order some and have them personalize it to have his name on the top? Gracias!

    Posted on 01-Oct-07 at 5:30 PM | Permalink

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