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Today I fly to Columbus and Ohio State University, for a short residency, working with Russ Mikkelson and Rick Blatty’s ensembles on As the scent of spring rain… and Avenue X. The rehearsals and seminars and such culminate in a Wind Symphony performance Tuesday evening, where my piece is nicely sandwiched between Mackey & Bryant.

I’ve been trying to think, and I’m pretty sure that OSU is the largest university where I’ve had the honor of a composer residency. I expect crowds in the 10′s of thousands, just like at the Buckeye games. Stadiums full of people. For wind ensemble concert music. Chanting “Go Newman Go!” while waving giant foam fingers. Yes. This is what I expect.

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  1. Trevor

    LOL…I always though it would be interesting to write a piece detailing a college football game…In your case I guess you could call it the “Horseshoe.” You could emulate the crowd, the big hits, the referees whistles, air horns, and the silence after the opponents score on a big play. You could even have members of the ensemble emulate the school bands playing the fight songs.

    and the conductor would conduct with a foam finger!

    Posted on 22-Oct-07 at 8:29 PM | Permalink
  2. Sarah

    there is nothing i like better than a mackey/newman/bryant sandwich!

    Posted on 30-Oct-07 at 5:23 PM | Permalink

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