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If you’re at a college or university right now (and I suspect most of you are), check out this list and see if your institution is on it. If it is, it looks like you have access to DRAM, a “not-for-profit resource” offering “on-demand streaming access to CD-quality audio” of all kinds of contemporary and 20th Century music. Labels like CRI, Albany, innova, or BMOP/sound – all the places that stuff is (or used to be) found. Wonky, wonky stuff to be sure, but all incredibly difficult to find, and/or simply out-of-print. Even though I don’t have access myself, the light browsing I’ve done quickened my heart rate, as the otherwise unavailable Michael Colgrass or Marjorie Merryman & Marilyn Shrude recordings scrolled before my eyes. It looks like they’ve even put together some interesting playlists, like “A Survey of 20th Century American Orchestral Works”, or “A Too Brief Introduction to the New York School”. There’s even a “Random” link at the top, which yields both familiar and fascinating fruit.

If you find you have access to this, please let me know how it flies. I’d be very curious. And jealous.

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