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Chant THIS

As I pull myself up from my collapse in the corner after finishing The New Piece, it occurs to me it might be a smart move to let others know that the thing actually exists. With that in mind, this is De Profundis, for massed winds. The “for” is unabashedly stolen from the great Henry Brant Angels And Devils masterwork, but the title itself is from the Latin Requiem, and is one of many many of the same. So I feel less guilty about that, at least.

I believe I used the de profundis plainchant incipit (which sounds like this) in clear and obvious ways, but I wouldn’t be surprised if others disagree. I actually think the piece is hot, but barring that, it will at least be occasionally very, very loud. The 6 drummers (2 bass drums, 2 sets of detuned timpani, 4 tom-toms, and 3 roto-toms) will see to that.

There exists a MIDI mockup, but the internets will never get it’s grubby little mitts on it. Audio will have to wait for a couple of months. Commissioned by the Central Oklahoma Directors Association, De Profundis will premiere with the CODA Symphonic Band (an ensemble of some 110 souls) in early January.

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