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April List

1) Look! A new piece. Premieres next month at the 2010 International Tuba-Euphonium Association Conference in Tucson.

2) How cool is this program?! See, they think they’re cool (like we all do) in Eugene, but the difference is, thanks to Bob Ponto, they actually are.

3) Recently saw Gary Winter‘s new play, Cooler, at The Chocolate Factory in Queens. And not just because I’m in his bio. ‘Cause he’s flipping brilliant, and his weird plays rock my world.

4) Blogger is removing ftp publishing in a few days, so if I must migrate this site to WordPress or something in order to avoid a “” address (and that very much must be avoided), I might as well re-organize this whole shebang to reflect the times. There have been lots of of inspiring updates to websites lately (see examples A, B and C), all of which include trendy social media content. Which I should probably do. This sucker’s looking a little “2004″ these days…

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  1. Newman

    I realize that for #2, you need a Facebook account to view the link. I can only assume you have one.

    Posted on 28-Apr-10 at 4:19 PM | Permalink

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