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Aphex with horsehair

My Cantaloupe Music e-newsletter recently arrived with the news that they released the “ACOUSTICA: Alarm Will Sound Performs Aphex Twin” CD, mentioned elsewhere in these pages, for which I contributed arrangements of AT’s “Fingerbib” and “Logon Rock Witch”, and had a blast doing it.

An effusive snippet from the Cantaloupe newsletter:

Here at Bang on a Can and Cantaloupe Music, we love adventurous, risk-taking music no matter what bin it comes in at your local mega-record-store. That why we’re especially excited about the latest Cantaloupe release – Acoustica: Alarm Will Sound performs Aphex Twin. This young 20-piece new music band, who the NY Times calls “the future of classical music,” has, with a cadre of 10 arrangers, painstakingly recreated and rethought Aphex Twin’s legendary electronic work for an all-acoustic band. From creative new transcription ideas to using non-standard “classical music” instruments to ensuring that all four drummers are kept busy with Aphex Twin’s boundlessly intricate beats, this sounds like no CD you’ve heard before. Whet your palette with a FREE DOWNLOAD of one of the CD’s tracks. Hear clips of the whole CD and buy it here.

Here’s where I wonder aloud whether passing along that link for the free download will get me into any trouble, as it is supposedly for newsletter subscribers only. Seeing how anyone can easily join that mailing list, I’m hoping the commandos will not be dropping down from their stealth bombers anytime soon.

The newsletter goes on to give details about July 24 at this summer’s Lincoln Center Festival, when AWS will perform everything on the CD, live, at The Allen Room, the very beautiful space at the new Jazz at Lincoln Center facilities, harbored in what is otherwise considered by like-minded souls as the offensively-gargantuan and monolithic Time Warner Building. Nevertheless, the Allen Room is a terrific space—featuring an enormous wall of windows behind the performance area, overlooking Columbus Circle and the SW corner of Central Park. I was last there for SB‘s quartet + electronics piece, Veo Lux, and Steve’s got pics up, for proof of hipness.

My vote for The Time Warner Building’s only other impressive feature would be the Whole Foods in the basement. Oh! those never-ending bins of trail mix…

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