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I’ve been tardy with posts, so if you didn’t already receive one (and let’s face it, you, and 1100 of your closest friends, probably did), you can read through the latest Newman Newsletter to get the gist of what’s been going on.

If you’d like to join the mailing list, there’s a handy link in the neighboring box (or here, if you’re reading this somewhere besides the notebook site). One of these suckers will go out every 3-6 months. I came up with those numbers because I meant it to be every three months when I sent the first one, but then the second one didn’t happen until six months later. I’m amazing at math.

Since that mailing went out, Sowing Useful Truths premiered, and the event was as terrific as I had hoped. Maestro Reynolds made it gritty and groovy, and the ensemble burned the house down. The evening was made even better due to JM & AEJ joining Better Half and I for the weekend, and transitioned smoothly to Thoroughly Mind-Blowing by getting to sit with the great David Amram, whose unsurprisingly-terrific & freaky piece preceded mine on the program.

I do admit that being back at Tanglewood and BUTI all last week was great fun, but more than a little surreal. What with Martin Amlin‘s composition class in the Groton library, the brass quintets playing outside in those shed thingies — it was kind of like the last 20 years never happened…

A recording of the Wind Ensemble’s world premiere of Sowing Useful Truths at Seiji Ozawa Hall is coming soon. Not soon enough, but I’m working hard on making a nuisance of myself in order to get my hands on it.

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