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Comics and Copyright

My guest blogger post is up at The Comics Journal group blog, The Hooded Utilitarian. The entry is part of a roundtable discussion on issues surrounding copyright and free culture. The centerpiece of the week was an interview with animator, filmmaker, and free culture activist Nina Paley.

I refer to Paley’s work and the interview in my post, so for context, you might need to check out the full week’s postings. Start with this recent one by Caro on Paley’s film Sita Sings the Blues. Right before the Paley interview, Noah posted an essay on copyright, and a review of Paley’s film. And yesterday, Pallas posted a brief and snarky history of copyright.

My thanks to my friend Noah Berlatsky (who I’ve known since we were 2 or 3) for inviting me — it was terrific for me to pull my head up from the desk and read and think about something interesting all week. I had a great time!

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