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One down

Last week the Concertino finally shipped out to the commissioners: all three movements, parts & score, complete with actual, honest-to-goodness solo cadenza at the end of the 3rd movement. I’ve posted the score for perusal fun, along with some other goodies.

The Concertino stats:

15 minutes
104 page score
139 parts pages
Soloist 1st mvt – flute and picc
Soloist 2nd mvt – alto flute
Soloist 3rd mvt – alto flute, flute, picc, and flute cadenza

The score is so large that folding and staple-binding (my current mode of score prep) doesn’t really work. I’ll have to come up with something else which might look just as sexy.

After completion I headed upstate a bit, to Wappinger Falls NY, to work with Rich Holod and Jim Trainor and their terrific ensembles at Roy C. Ketchum H.S., rehearsing As the scent of spring rain…, Uncle Sid, and 1861. It’s a great change of pace to not have to get on a plane to work with a wind ensemble. There are bands along the Taconic Parkway! I felt warm and fuzzy pride for my home state.

As an interim project I’ve started another song, for the ongoing set of Postcards. The purpose is to serve as a compositional palate cleanser, before I begin work on the next wind ensemble piece. Which will be huge. 10′ or more, one expansive movement, to be part of a multi-movement symphonic form based on The Rivers of Bowery, with a long and wonderful list of co-commissioners. Research, both musical and extra-musical, begins in earnest on Wednesday, with a trip to the NYPL for the Performing Arts. Which is always a good time, because they have scores and wi-fi and Aeron chairs.

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