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So I’ve started to receive phone calls asking if I’m OK. “OK,” meaning, “Are you perhaps under a bus on 2nd Avenue?”

I suppose just because there has been a dearth of postings recently, you loyal reader(s) (and I know who you are) assume that I must be have fled to Canada. No such luck. I’m here. In my 10×10 studio on Avenue C, writing e-mails, making phone calls, and sending out scores and CDs, in a transparent attempt to scare up some work writing Music (note the capital) for the world at large. My thought now is that Well-Meaning Caller might be on to something … since these activities don’t exactly show fruit immediately, maybe the magic formula is to add a pinch more online babble.

Well, one new posting is directly below. So now I’ll run out to 2nd Ave to catch the bus…

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