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Something in the air

I venture out into the ‘hood, foraging for life-nourishing coffee* and a Sunday morning nosh before I begin work for the day, and my fellow Lower East Side Citizens are, for some reason, a very happy bunch. A sunny walk through the Alphabet sees embracing couples, smiling neighbors, playing dogs, and I haven’t even gotten to the park yet. Even the usually crabby baristas are cheery. What’s gotten into everybody? It’s a beautiful day, yes, but this is an unusual amount of public glee. Perhaps the giddiness over the uptown public art has drifted downtown…

Or maybe everyone is smiling over the official news of The New World Order. But, despite our cheerfulness, will will accept no blame for anything that comes of that. Everyone down here voted for Kucinich anyway.

*Free of “trans-fat”. Today’s Times article scared the bejeesus out of me. Yikes.

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