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Vivid Geography
for women's chorus and chamber orchestra

Setting Marcella Durandís Scale Shift was a singular pleasure; the language and rhythm in all of her poetry consistently resonates with me, so it was actually quite difficult to choose the right one for this piece. I met Marcella in our neighborhood through our children, who are playground friends. After seeing her only in the rather distracting context of toddler birthday parties and play-dates, I stumbled upon one of her poems in a magazine, and then when I started thinking about this piece I made an enjoyable project of looking at more of her work, all of which is chunky with poetics and evocatively fractured in a style that exactly suited the sound and style I was planning for the work. The ensemble I selected is pared down to an almost sinfonietta-type instrumentation, in order to create an intimate balance with the womenís chorus, and to match the delicacy of colors in Marcellaís beautiful poem.


1861, a hymn fantasia for concert band - view note
3 O’Clock Mix, for school ensemble - view note
Across the groaning continent, from Symphony No. 1, My Hands Are a City - view note
As the scent of spring rain..., for wind ensemble - view note
Avenue X, for wind band - view note
Blow It Up, Start Again, for orchestra - view note
Blow It Up, Start Again​, for wind ensemble - view note
Chunk, a funk for winds and percussion - view note
Climbing Parnassus, for wind ensemble - view note
Concertino, for flute solo, chamber winds, and piano - view note
De Profundis, for massed winds - view note
Deep Sky Blue, for viola and piano - view note
Dohyci, miniature for violin and bass clarinet - view note
Lullaby for Munch in Hell, for saxophone quartet - view note
Metropolitan, for orchestra - view note
Milori Blue, for euphonium and piano - view note
Moon by Night, for band and optional chorus - view note
Moon by Night​, Anthem for SATB chorus - view note
My Hands Are a City, from Symphony No. 1, My Hands Are a City - view note
Nocturnes, for piano solo - view note
Ohanashi, for sinfonia - view note
OK Feel Good, for chamber group - view note
OK Feel Good​, for wind orchestra - view note
Practicing Joy, for percussion solo - view note
Prayers of Steel, for brass quintet - view note
Prelude on "Schmücke Dich", for organ solo - view note
Single, for wind band - view note
Sowing Useful Truths, for wind ensemble - view note
Stereo Action, for percussion ensemble - view note
Symphony No. 1, My Hands Are a City, for wind ensemble - view note
The Americans, from Symphony No. 1, My Hands Are a City - view note
The Rivers of Bowery, an overture for winds, brass, and percussion - view note
The Vinyl Six, for mixed chamber ensemble - view note
These Inflected Tentacles, for marimba, piano, violin, and cello - view note
Tree, for string orchestra - view note
Uncle Sid, fantasy on a folk tune - view note
Verses from Solomon, for soprano and organ - view note
Wapwallopen, string quartet no. 1 - view note