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Season Preview

My newspaper’s annual Fall Arts Preview section came out a couple weeks ago—a tradition which consistently stirs up mixed feelings: interest, disgust, surprise, intrigue, excitement … and agita, Since then I’ve been meaning to do my own self-congratulatory all-Newman version, seeing as I’m hearing about some terrific performances shaping up for this season. So not counting any projected Spring performances of the chamber winds concertino, which are all, as far as I know, mostly unscheduled (as well they should be at this point seeing as the thing doesn’t exist yet), here are some of this season’s upcoming Newman Highlights:

This month

Chunk at Southern Methodist University, The Meadows Wind Ensemble, Jack Delaney, conductor. Happening in a couple of hours, actually!


Wapwallopen at the 27th Annual Bowling Green State University New Music & Art Festival. The string quartet’s Midwestern premiere…I’ll be there for the festival.


OK Feel Good x 3. First, two days in a row, in two flavors….

starting with the chamber group version in Springfield MO with Ensemble 21
then the wind orchestra version at University of Kansas’s “neXt Festival”, John Lynch conductor, less than 24 hours later.
(You can probably guess that logistically, this trip was, um, complicated to plan.)

followed quickly by…
the wind orchestra flavor again with Georgia State University’s Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Bob Ambrose, conductor.

(I need to reiterate … that’s 2 OK wind symphony performances in one month, and 3 OKs within 2 weeks. Rains…pours…)


Avenue X at Michigan State, the MSU Concert Band, Isaiah Odajima, conductor


The Vinyl Six gets a second performance, with “Exit 18″, a Valdosta State University faculty ensemble, at the GMEA Conference in Savannah.

As the scent of spring rain…, with the Levine School of Music’s Metropolitan Wind Symphony, John Kilkenny, conductor. A chance to hang out in Alexandria … my in-laws will be thrilled!


Lots of Newman, with the Tarleton State University Wind Ensemble, Jonathan Hooper, conductor. Go ahead and shake a stick, you still won’t be able make it through all the Newman pieces in this residency. But here’s one Concertino performance I know about for sure, as Tarleton is a co-commissioner. At least I have months and months to get used to idea of conducting all that Newman…and prep my stomach lining for The Hard Eight

March (my new favorite month)

Chunk at USC Thornton Wind Ensemble, H. Robert Reynolds, conductor

As the scent of spring rain… at the 2007 CBDNA National Conference final concert in Ann Arbor, Florida State University Wind Ensemble, Richard Clary, conductor


For more details on any of these, see the nifty database (nifty database courtesy of SB‘s mad PHP skillz). I add performances to that database as soon as they are confirmed (or really quite close to being confirmed), so it’s not close to a full picture of the year just yet. If you know of a performance, be proactive and add one yourself. Go ahead. It’s pretty sweet. The technology behind this is awfully cool.

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