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Old Home, Pt. 1

The weirdness level on this one is off the charts … How about this for going back to your roots:

I’ll be guest conducting the band at my alma mater, Wyoming Valley West High School, in Plymouth PA. Thaaat’s right. On Friday I’ll be workshopping with the students, visiting with old friends and faculty, and rehearsing Moon by Night for Sunday afternoon’s concert. It gets better, though … the band is now under the direction of Andy Kolojejchick, an old chum from my days at WVW (the star saxophonist at the time), so whoever said you can’t go home again was certainly not talking about my activities this weekend.

Leaving aside the odd sensation that even before I go, I can picture that band room (I must prepare myself for it looking smaller), my anticipation of the experience is, so far, eerily similar to that age-old adolescent nightmare we all know so well… (I was naked! In front of the whole school!)

You would think that to make the experience complete all I would have to do is don my old uniform and pick up the trombone, but in fact, I think all that will be necessary would be for me to lose all confidence in myself, develop searing and awkward crushes on inappropriate girls, and just generally act sullen and annoyingly smug. Only then will the magical transportation back to 1987 be complete…

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