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I’m off to the 27th Annual New Music and Art Festival at Bowling Green State University, where Saturday night the BGSU Graduate Quartet will perform my string quartet, Wapwallopen. It will be a fun week, as I join SB (BGSU Visiting Artist in Residence) there, and between the two of us, we will surely crack that singular unifying theory everyone’s yoiking about. I’ll be attending quite a few concerts of new music, some of which I’m sure will be worthy of notebook entries, so I’ll attempt to write in from the road occasionally.

Until then, I leave you with a plug for a personal favorite. Last night we supped with EW, in town for a few radio interviews and a junket at some college in Connecticut, and the conversation eventually turned, as it so often does, to other composers. Specifically, we ended up discussing how much better a composer Henri Dutilleux is than, well, everyone else. So if you don’t know any of the master’s wares, start with this catalog and get yourself some recordings, ’cause the stuff isn’t done in the States every day. It’s all amazing—the cello concerto alone will make your knees buckle. I’m pretty sure Monsieur doesn’t know how to write anything other than spellbinding music. Enjoy!

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