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Carter 1, Beethoven 0

From today’s NYTimes Arts & Leisure:
When questioned after a recent James Levine-BSO concert in Boston, where he conducted Beethoven Eroica, and Elliott Carter’s Symphonia: Sum Fluxae Pretium Spei, Milt Karamechedis, 70, said

“I think Levine has to be very careful about how much contemporary work he gets into the program. Ozawa brought a great deal of contemporary work when he came, and he lost a lot of subscribers to the symphony permanently.”

While Amy Toner, 19, responded with

“I was very pleased at the hiring of James Levine. We used to come with my band in high school, and he was just amazing. I love Elliott Carter’s music. I actually love him more than Beethoven.”

Now, which person’s opinion should carry more weight? The dude who’s going to be dead in 6 years, or the person who will be buying tickets for the next 60? I give the point to Carter.

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