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21st Century Symphony

On the arts think tank website The Loose Filter Project, carve out some minutes and dive headlong into The 21st Century Symphony, or, “Why Stuart Sims is Awesome.”

I recommend first watching the video of Stuart’s brilliant lecture on my piece, including live examples with the ensemble. (I learned a lot myself.) It was one of those planets-align / mind-blowing days, as his entire doctoral lecture-recital centered on Symphony No. 1, My Hands Are a City, and the resultant Bernstein-like show-and-tell is a joy to watch. Plus, you get to watch Stu recite Ginsberg and Corso. Worth the whole 20 minutes right there.

Then listen (or watch the videos) of his complete performance with the Arizona State University Wind Symphony. As a capper, there’s also video of the run-out concert at the RV retirement community (you heard me) near Tempe. You’d think that as an idea that would fly about as well as a cement block, but it was actually completely fantastic … an example of how all it takes to engage an audience (any audience) is to avoid insulting their intelligence. Mostly though, the video shows how I answer audience questions, and then Stuart answers them better.

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