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Monthly Archives: November 2004



In an interview I threw out this term (it’s certainly nothing new, I’m sure I didn’t make it up). Most people immediately understand what I meant when I mentioned “finalemusic” (sic) in that interview, but merely for the purposes of clarification, allow me try to expound, and thereby explain myself slightly better. First off, I [...]



As Carly Simon said, is makin’ me wait. Looking forward to consistent, if not daily postings, and a regular diet of reviews and articles. Until then, the site testing continues…


Commission Announcement: New work for winds and percussion, commissioned by the Rutgers University Wind Ensemble for the 2005 CBDNA National Convention in New York.



It’s as good a term as any (“Truthfulness” works, too), and whatever we decide to call it, for me it is the most defining feature of a composer’s work. A piece can have as much craft as humanely possible (Greetings to you Mr. Diamond! How are you, Sir?) but if the composer doesn’t LOVE every [...]