Blow It Up, Start Again​

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My Hands Are a City


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OK Feel Good​


Blow It Up, Start Again​

for wind ensemble
Duration: 4'

Commissioned by:
Columbus State University—Jamie L. Nix, Director of Wind Ensemble Activities
Florida Atlantic University—Kyle Prescott, Director of Bands
Florida State University—Richard Clary, Senior Band Conductor
Georgia State University—Robert J. Ambrose, Director of Wind Studies
North Central High School, Indianapolis, IN—Rick Granlund, Director of Bands
Pacific Lutheran University—Edwin Powell, Director of Bands
Southeastern Oklahoma State University—Jacob Wallace, Director of Bands
Texas Tech University—Sarah McKoin, Director of Bands
University of Alberta—Angela Schroeder, Director of Bands
University of Minnesota—Jerry Luckhardt, Associate Director of Bands

consortium organized by Robert J. Ambrose

Picc, 3Fl, 2Ob, EbCl, 3Cl, BCl, 2Bsn, CBsn(optCbCl), SSax, ASax, TSax, BSax, 4Tpt, 4Hn, 3Trb, BTrb, Euph, Tba, Cb, Harp(opt), Pno, Timp, 5Perc

Parts available for hire.

Score available for sale from OK Feel Good Music.

Download this complete recording.

A wind ensemble transcription of the 2011 work for orchestra.

If the system isn't working anymore, then do what Guy Fawkes tried and go anarchist: Blow it all up, and start again.

For more dubsteppy fun, watch the Score Video!

An errata list is available to correct early editions of this work.

Download program note.


College of St. Benedict, Benedict Arts Center, Esther Auditorium, Conductor: Justin T. Zanchuk - Dec 07 2016

University of Delaware Wind Ensemble, Puglisi Orchestra Hall, University of Delaware, Conductor: Michael Knight - Dec 07 2016

Shenandoah Conservatory Wind Ensemble, Armstrong Concert Hall, Shenandoah Conservatory, Conductor: Timothy Robblee - Nov 05 2016