Beck: from Song Reader

Whitacre: Godzilla Eats Las Vegas!

Sufjan Stevens: Get Real Get Right

Whitacre: What If

Led Zeppelin: Black Dog

George Harrison: Here Comes the Sun

Puccini: O mio babbino caro

Plitmann: Chaos

Aphex Twin: Logon Rock Witch

Aphex Twin: Fingerbib

Plitmann: Chaos

arrangement for soprano Hila Plitmann and chamber ensemble
Duration: 3'
words & music by Hila Plitmann

string quartet, bass clarinet, piano

This work is in manuscript.

Written and performed by soprano Hila Plitmann for her Airhead show in Pasadena at the Boston Court Theatre in 2010. The evening included this arrangement of her song “Chaos“, Steven Bryant’s arrangements of his Hummingbrrd and NiN’s All the Love in the World, and Eric Whitacre’s arrangement of ‘Til Tuesday’s Voices Carry.


Arizona State University Chamber Players, Pitchforks & Corks, Tempe, AZ, Conductor: Trae Blanco - May 06 2016

The United States Navy Band, The Midwest Clinic, Composed by Hila Plitmann, Arranged by Jonathan Newman - Dec 17 2014

Hila Plitmann, soprano/ chamber group, Boston Court Theatre, Pasadena CA, words and music by Hila Plitmann - May 23 2010