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These Inflected Tentacles

for marimba, piano, violin, and cello
Duration: 10'

i. “The tentacles were as usual rendered of a very bright red, with the glands almost white like porcelain, yet tinged with pink.”
ii. “when the glands of the disc have bits of meat given them, they transmit a motor impulse to the exterior tentacles”
iii. “Falling drops of water do not cause inflection.”
iv. “a live insect is more efficient than a dead one”

Commissioned by:
The Avian Orchestra
Peter Flint, Artistic Director

Available for sale from OK Feel Good Music. Score also available for print on demand.

In 1875 Charles Darwin published his book Insectivorous Plants, in which he documents the discovery, dissection, and subjection of various meat-eating flora to 19th-century experimentation ranging from the curious to the cruel and unusual. The book documents a lifetime of indefatigable dedication to the Scientific Method, but one cannot help smile at the man’s poking and prodding, dipping and burning. In four short movements, the quartet quotes Darwin recording his observations as he gleefully drops bits of meat, eggs, glass, hair, and anything else he can think of on his plants. Just to see what happens.

These Inflected Tentacles was commissioned by The Avian Orchestra for their 2011 program on botany, "Vegetative States".

Download program note.


Great Noise Ensemble, Ward Hall, Catholic University of America, David Vickerman, conductor - Nov 09 2012

Great Noise Ensemble, Lang Theater of the Atlas Performing Arts Center, Washington D.C., David Vickerman, conductor / WORLD PREMIERE of complete work - Oct 19 2012

Foot in the Door, Alfred C. Fuller Music Center F Millard Aud., The Hartt Schooll, Hartford CT, [PREVIEW PERFORMANCE] - Oct 17 2012